aquarius- bad

pisces- VERY nice. probably the best

aries- good for ramming into things i suppose

taurus- ok i guess

gemini- no

cancer- extra bad

leo- nice

virgo- bad

libra- sometimes they ok but tbh dont waste ur time….

scorpio- ok

sagittarius- evil

capricorn- worst

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Anonymous said: sooo you a rough sex blog preaching feminism? fuckin weird


Look man. I don’t give a fuck if i’m knuckle deep in her ass hole and she’s covered in cum and tied to my bed frame, I still hold her equal to me.

I just got back from a massive life changing experience volunteering in a remote indigenous communuty!

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i get butterflies when i think about myself

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Am I the first to see this or..?

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THE POTTER GENERATION | A Harry Potter Challenge

Favorite JK Rowling quote

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Anonymous said: If basilisk venom kills horcruxes, then why did the horcruxes in Harry not die when he was bitten in The Chamber of Secrets? Sorry if you've gotten this question before!


JKR: I have been asked that a lot. Harry was exceptionally fortunate in that he had Fawkes. So before he could be destroyed without repair, which is what is necessary to destroy a horcrux, he was mended. However, I made sure that Fawkes wasn’t around the second time a Horcrux got stabbed by a basilisk fang, so the poison did its work and it was irreparable within a short period of time…. I established early in the book, Hermione says that you destroy a Horcrux by using something so powerful that there’s no remedy. But she does say there is a remedy for basilisk poison but of course it has to be administered immediately and when they stab the cup later - boy I’m really blowing this for anyone who hasn’t finished the book - there’s Fawkes, is my answer. And thank you for giving me a chance to say that because people have argued that quite a lot.

Anonymous said: What do you think happend to Fluffy? He wasn't mentioned after HP1.


JKR: …you tend to find at Hogwarts that, erm, anything that’s dangerous ends up in the forest … so that’s where Fluffy was released, so he’s roaming round in the forest (x)



I like how all of these 11-17 year olds are just going to school with vampires and werewolves and giant spiders and vicious three-headed dogs in their backyard, yet they need a permission slip with an iron-clad parent/guardian signature to go have a harmless butterbeer at the nearby wizarding village. 

Okay, Hogwarts. Okay.


and i approve this text post

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GUEST: I don’t know if it’s too early to check-in or not, but is there somewhere I can store my bag?
CONCIERGE: Well, check with the front desk first. A room might be available, if not, the bellmen are those gentlemen just to the right of the front desk. You can store your bags with them.


"omg you’re just blogging for attention"

and you’re blogging??? for gold? Women? Immortality?

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Remember Cedric Diggory. 

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